Coating (Bath) of jewelry

A jewelery coating that is carried out on any piece, and can be in

  1. Yellow gold
  2. Pink gold
  3. Rhodium
  • How long ⏱ lasts?
The coating of pieces does not have a specific duration, depending on the care and PH of each person is the lifetime of the coating.

  • Can it be done on any piece of Silver?
Yes, any Silver piece can be coated or plated.

  • How much?

The price in pink and yellow gold bath is $200.00 pesos per piece.
The price in rhodium bath is $300.00 pesos per piece.

  • care?

The main thing is to avoid any contact with liquids or chemicals such as creams, deodorants, chlorine or alcohol.

Avoid getting the pieces wet and store them in a dry place (inside the bag that we include in your ring)

  • clarifications
The coatings do not have a guarantee because their duration depends 100% on the care and PH of the people and this can be very variable, it is a product that you can optionally add to your purchase.