Our history

We are a jewelry brand that was born in 2014 in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco, the Latin American capital of jewelry. Our goal is to bring the beauty of jewelry designed and manufactured in our city to all of Mexico, Latin America, North America , and Europe, highlighting the quality of each piece at all times.
A jewel is something magical and the shopping experience must be unique, which is why we take care of every detail in the digital presentation of our pieces, the personalized attention to all our customers and the detailed packaging of each jewel.
Hand in hand with technology, we are seeking to be a 100% accessible jewelry brand to provide digital facilities to our customers and thus enjoy the acquisition of jewelry on a friendly and high-quality platform.
We want to be a Mexican brand that offers the experience of buying jewelry with all its beautiful details at an affordable price and with high quality pieces. "Luxury within everyone's reach"
Our jewels are pieces for a lifetime.

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